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O-Shichi Kannon お七観音

At the Temple Tanjo-Ji in Okayama

A bell to warn if there is a fire

As a special temple of the pilgrimage to the 33 Kannon Temples in Central Japan, Tanjo-Ji (Tanjooji) hosts a hall for the Kannon Statue carved by Jigaku Daishi and enshrined here in 1631 by the Lord of Tsuyama.

This statue is now called "O-Shichi Kannon" to remind us of the famous woman "O-Shichi" who started a great fire in the Edo period, where many lives were lost and many temples burnt down. This statue is also for the repose of the soul of O-Shichi herself.




特別霊場 誕生寺 岡山県久米南町


Yaoya no O-Shichi
Greengrocer's Daughter Oshichi

Most people in Japan live in wooden houses. During the Edo era, those houses in Edo (Tokyo) stood much too close together. So if a fire broke out, it could spread rapidly. One of the big fires then was called 'the Big Fire in Tenna' or 'Oshichi-fire'.

Once there lived a greengrocer named Hachibei in Hongo, a town in Edo, with his wife and daughter Oshichi who was then 16 years old. She looked older than her age, though. It was 28th of December 1682, when a fire broke out in a nearby temple.
"Fire! Fire!" people shouted and ran this way and that way trying to make their escape.

Hachibei urged his wife and daughter Oshichi to get out of the house,
"It's getting windier. It must be a big fire. What is worse, our house is standing downwind of the fire. It's dangerous to stay here. Let's evacuate to the Kichijoji Temple."
(It was in Komagome, where their ancestor's grave was.)
"Run faster, or the fire will catch you! Don't stop!" Oshichi was said.
She followed her parents and ran as fast as her legs could move.
The fire started burning around noon and was put out at around five the next morning. It is said that over 3,500 people were killed in the fire.

Kichijoji Temple was already filled with a lot of refugees. The mother happened to see a young man sitting in the corner of the room trying to take a splinter out of his finger. She said to her daughter,
"Oshichi, that young man over there seems to have some troubles. Maybe he got a splinter in his finger. Go and help him take it out, while I greet the priest."
The daughter approached him to offer a help. She took his hand to examine. Soon she said,
"I got it! Are you feeling better?"
He smiled at her and said,
"Yeah, thank you. You helped me a lot."

The young man was working at the temple, as his parents asked the priest to look after him.
Hand in hand, the two young people gazed at each other for a while. Eventually they fell in love.
"Oshichi, Oshichi, I'm coming," the girl's mother called her daughter's name.
"Oh, your name is Oshichi, isn't it? I'm Kichisaburo," he said.
"Kichisaburo? Can I call you Kichi-sama?" the girl said.
"Sure. Uh...I want to know a bit more about you. Please write me a note and put it under that big stone there in the garden," he asked.
"Yeah, I will," she said and went away with her mother.

Oshichi and her parents were forced to stay in the temple until their house was rebuilt. During the days, the girl shared happy hours with the young man exchanging letters secretly. She found a letter written by him under the big rock in the garden and put her own letter there instead.

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O-Shichi Kannon at Tanjo-Ji
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「八百屋お七と吉三の悲恋の碑」Stone Memorial of O-Shichi in Meguro Tokyo


fire and love -
quite a hot topic
for a cold night

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seikaku ga yaoya oshichi de shikuramen

the personality is like
Yaoya O-Shichi ...

京極杞陽 Kyogoku Kiyo (Kyoogoku) (1908 - 1981)

Modern Haiku, tr. by Gabi Greve


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Gabi Greve said...

the tomb of 八百屋お七 Yaoya Oshichi
in Sashigaya 指ヶ谷 / さしがや in Koishikawa - Edo

Gabi Greve said...

O-Shichi was born in Morikawajuku, Bunkyo ward, Tokyo.

Gabi Greve said...

Legend from Yamanashi 山梨県
During a common cold epidemic, people press the hand of a small child on a red piece of paper and write
「吉三さんはおりません」 Kichizo san is not here.
Thjs is hung at the entrance, to prevent the Deity of the common cold from coming into the home.
They say when Yaoya no O-Shichi 八百屋お七 Greengrocer's Daughter Oshichi was in love with Kichizo and died from her love, she became Kaze no Kami 風邪の神 Deity of the common cold.
She walks around the village looking for Kichizo, but if there is a red piece of paper she realizes that this is not her Kichizo and goes away.

Gabi Greve said...

Enjoji 圓乗寺 / 円乗寺 Enjo-Ji - Hakusan
文京区白山1-34-6 / Bunkyo ward, Hakusan
This is the temple where Tenna no taika 天和の大火 the great fire caused by the girl 八百屋お七 Yaoya no O-Shichi, "Greengrocer Oshichi" started. Her grave is still in this temple.

Gabi Greve said...

O-Shichi and temple
Daienji 大円寺 / 大圓寺 Daien-Ji - Mukogaoka
金龍山 Kinryuzan
東京都文京区向丘1-11-3 / Tokyo, Bunkyo ward, Mukogaoka