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. sennin 仙人と伝説 Legends about Immortals .


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Hoki Bosatsu, Hooki Bosatsu 法起菩薩
Hoodoo Sennin" 法道仙人 Hodo Sennin

Houki Bosatsu, Hōki Bosatsu

Secret Statue at Temple Bodaiji 菩提寺の秘佛 Bodai-Ji

This Bosatsu is not very familiar, but he is one of the protector deities of mountain ascetics, ranging back to the time of En no Gyoja. Sometimes he is depicted with six arms and five eyes 五眼六臂. He is also seen as an incarnation of "Hoodoo Sennin" 法道仙人 Hodo Sennin, an Indian ascetic who, as legend knows, lived in the 7th century during the time of Emperor Suiko and walked all the way through China and Korea until he reached Japan.
He walked with his companion, the God of the Bulls, Gozu Tenoo 牛頭天王.
Hodo Sennin is very popular in the area around Himeji. He founded the temple Bodai-Ji, Ichijo-Ji and a few others there.

Saint Tokudo 徳道上人 is also considered an incarnation of this Bosatsu.

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Fudo-In Temple: Statue of Hoki-Buddhist Saint (Bosatsu)

役行者(えんのぎょうじゃ)は、大峰山(おおみねさん)においては蔵王権現(ざおうごんげん)を、葛城山(かつらぎさん)においては 法起菩薩 (ほうきぼさつ)を感得され、山岳抖藪(さんがくとそう)の実践行を通じて得られたという神通力によって、人々を済度してこられたといいます。

He is the main deity in the temple Tenporin-Ji (Tenpoorinji) 転法輪寺 on Mt. Katsuragi.

His holy mantra is
OM daruma urata (uchita) sowaka

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Demukae Fudoo-son at Temple Tenporin-Ji

Cow, Oxen and related Deities

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伏見山菩提院 菩提寺の秘仏


. sennin 仙人と伝説 Legends about Immortals .

- - - - - 法道仙人 Hodo Sennin - - - - -

Hyogo 兵庫県 加西市 Kasai
He came riding on his horse from 法花山 Mount Hokkesan, where he pulled out a 松の木 pine tree and threw it in the air. The tree is still to be seen at the spot where it fell down. Hodo Sennin came from the West entrance to the mountain, when his 鞭 whip touched a rock where water begun to flow. This well is still there and has never dried out, not even through the worst droughts.
Once a boatsman had loaded barrels of rice when the begging bowl of the Sennin came floating by. The boatsman did not put any rice in it and suddenly all his rice barrels begun to fly off toward Mount Hokkesan. The boatsman shot an arrow and the Sennin brought the rice back to the ship. One barrel fell down on the earth and this place is now called 米田村 Yonedamura ("rice field" village).
His name Karahachi Sennin 空鉢仙人 "Mountain hermit with the empty begging bowl" relates to this story.

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Once from a large cave below the rock there was the voice of a child in great pain to be heard. When Hodo Sennin heard it he begun to chant the 法華経 Hoke-Kyo sutra. Suddenly a child came from below the rock, went to the top to play there for a while and then took off to the sky.
People say if someone throws a small pebble to the top of the rock, it will stay there if it is a good person, but if it was thrown by a bad person, it will topple down.

Hodo Sennin is the founder of the temple
法華山 一乗寺 Hokkesan Ichijo-Ji.
The temple was founded in 650 on request of Emperor 孝徳天皇 Kotoku Tenno (596 - 654).
The pagoda at Ichijō-ji completed in 1171 is a National Treasure of Japan.

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西国三十三所第26番 Nr. 26 of the 33 Pilgrim Temples of Saikoku.


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Mount Matsuo (松尾山 Matsuo-yama)
is a 687-metre-high (2,254 ft) mountain in Sasayama, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Another name is Mount Kosen-ji, literally, "Mountain of Kosen-ji."
Mount Matsuo is one of the major objects of worships for the people in this area. On this mountain, a Buddhist temple named Koosenji 光泉寺 "Kosen-ji" was established in 645 by Hodo Sennin.
This temple was re-established by Dengyo Daishi in the 9th century. The temple was burned by Akechi Mitsuhide in the 16th century, but re-established again by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In the Edo period, it is said that there were 28 monk houses in the mountain. Kosen-ji was also destroyed as a result of the Shinbutsu bunri, literally, Shinto-Buddhism-separation.
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Mayazan Tenjō-ji 摩耶山天上寺
Kobe, Nada Ward, Mayasancho

Temple Butsumo Maya San Tooriten Jooji
Maya san Tenjooji 摩耶山天上寺 Tenjo-Ji

Tooriten is the name of a Buddhist paradise, where the deity Taishaku-Ten is in residence.

There are two famous statues, one of a Kannon with eleven heads and
one of the Mother of Shakyamuni Buddha 仏母摩耶夫人 (in the middle, below).

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At the time of Tenmu Tenno the priest Hodo Sennin 法道仙人 founded this temple
空鉢(くはつ ) Kuhatsu
Karahachi Sennin 空鉢仙人(からはちせんにん)
"Mountain ascet with the empty begging bowl"
He came all the way from India, via Korea.
Together with him came the deity Gozu Ten-o 牛頭天王 (Ox-head Deity), who is celebrated at Shrine Hiromine Jinja 広峰神社 in Hiroshima and during the Gion Festival in Kyoto.

. Temple Butsumo Maya San Tooiten Jo-Ji .


Here is a stone statue from a mountain trail in Kamakura Yama.
He looks more like an ascetic from ancient Chinese Taoism.
In his left hand he holds a five-pronged vajra.

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Hoki Bosatsu Mandala 法起菩薩曼荼羅図

This Hoki Bosatsu has six arms and five eyes. He stands on a rock with a wrathful expression,. This is possibly the only painting of the deity. Possibly painted by Tayuu Hoogen Saiken in the 15th century.
This painting is an important cultural property of Sakai Town, Osaka.

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As said above, Hoki Bosatsu is the main deity in the temple Tenporin-Ji (Tenpoorinji) 転法輪寺 on Mt. Katsuragi.
This holy king of the bulls (Go-Ou 牛王) is thought to be his incarnation in a form where he works for the wellbeing of human beings and gives his life for the salvage of humankind. The statue is in the compound of Tenporin-Ji.
This bull is an incarnation of Hoki Bosatsu.


Extra temple at the Saikoku Pilgrimage in Western Japan

Temple 法起院 Hoki-In
This is the place where Saint Tokudo at the age of 80 years made his final ablutions before transforming into Hoki Bosatsu.


. morimoto 法起院


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Legend about 徳道上人 Saint Tokudo
. reiboku 霊木 divine tree, "tree with a divine soul" .
A divine tree from Shiga was swept away, lighting the sea and fishermen could not catch anything.
徳道上人 Saint Tokudo pulled it out of the river and up to 初瀬山 Mount Hase.
A father and son carved a statue of Kannon Bosatsu and placed it at 長谷寺 the Temple Hasedera.