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Ogata Korin, Ogata Koorin 尾形光琳

the dates given for his life vary
1657 - June 2, 1716
万治元年(1658年) - 享保元年6月2日(1716年7月20日))
1658 - June 20, 1716

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Koorin Ki 光琳忌 (こうりんき) Korin Memorial Day
late summer kigo for haiku

東京国立博物館 大琳派展

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Golden glories : Museum in Ueno celebrates Rinpa
Michael Dunn

Ogata Kōrin
1658 - June 2, 1716
Japanese painter of the Rinpa school
Kōrin broke away from all tradition, and developed a very original and quite distinctive style of his own, both in painting and in the decoration of lacquer.
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rinpa 琳派 Rinpa school of painting
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Designing Nature
The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art

May 26, 2012–January 13, 2013

"Rinpa" is a modern term that refers to a distinctive style of Japanese pictorial and applied arts that arose in the early seventeenth century and has continued through modern times. Literally meaning "school of Korin," Rinpa derives its name from Ogata Korin (1658–1716), a celebrated painter from Kyoto. It embraces art marked by a bold, graphic abbreviation of natural motifs, frequent reference to traditional court literature and poetry, the lavish use of expensive mineral and metallic pigments, incorporation of calligraphy into painting compositions, and innovative experimentation with new brush techniques.

The exhibition features more than one hundred brilliantly executed works of art created in Japan by the Rinpa-school artists. The works on view are part of the first rotation; the second rotation will open on September 12, 2012. Highlighting the school's most prominent proponents, this two-part presentation traces the development of the Rinpa aesthetic and demonstrates how its style continued to influence artists throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Comprising more than fifty works from the Museum's own holdings supplemented by forty-five loans from public and private collections on the east coast, the exhibition includes many masters' renowned works in a variety of media—painting, textiles, lacquerware, and ceramics.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
source : www.metmuseum.org


Kakitsubata ... Iris

Korin Plums (koorin no ume 光琳の梅), a sweet

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Gabi Greve said...

Ogata Korin painting digitially given a new look -- After fading over time, the dazzling silvery waves of a dark river originally depicted in a national treasure screen painting from the 18th century have been reproduced via computer by a team of researchers, giving testament to the brilliance of the original masterpiece.

The reproduction of "Red and White Plum Blossoms" by Ogata Korin (1658-1716) was created after Izumi Nakai, professor of analytical chemistry at the Tokyo University of Science, and other researchers analyzed the artist's production technique.


Gabi Greve said...

One Hundred Pictures by Korin -
Korin Hyaku Zu (e-hon) 光琳百圖 上•下•全,

designed by Hoitsu Sakai 1761-1828
- at artelino