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Chisho Daishi (Chishoo Daishi)
智證大師 (ちしょうだいし)

Enchin 圓珍 - 円珍, known as Okotsu Daishi
(814 - 891)

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Temple Konzo -ji 金倉寺 is the 76th Sacred Temple of Shikoku, where Chisho was born, a nephew of Kobo Daishi. At 39, he traveled to China to learn more about Esoteric Buddhism, in the footsteps of Kukai, Saicho and Dengyo Daishi. He returned five years later with numerous volumes of scriptures. At age 54, he became the 5th abbot (Zasu) of temple Enryaku-ji at Hieizan, the headquarters of the Tendai sect.

He died on October 29, 891.

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Here are two illustrations from the illustrated cards for a performance about the life of this priest.

Here is the story abbreviated:

As a boy, his name was Hiro 広雄. He was intelligent and studious and all called him "Wisdom Child" 智慧童子. At age 15, after reading most of the Chinese classics and treatiese, he decided to become a priest.
He went to Mount Hiezan to study and took the name of Enchin 圓珍.
He dilligently studied the scriptures for many years.

One day when he was performing his duties, the Buddhist Deities rewarded his work and he saw a Golden Fudo Myo-O emerge from the flames of his fire altar.

Fudo Myo-O appearing in the Flames talked to him:

"I have seen you study so dilligently, I am deeply impressed with your ambitions.
I am sure you will carry on your ascetic practices dilligently. Think of the difficulties in your mind morning and evening and carry sacred water for me."

Enchin folded his hands in great respect and prayed:

Praise to the Golden Fudo !
Namu Konjiki Fudo Myo-O 南無金色不動明王

The story then continues with the life of Enchin and his travel to China, look at the illustrations here:
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Transporting the scriptures in China

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. Seikooji 達谷西光寺 Takkoku Seijo-Ji . Hiraizumi, Iwate
with his statue of Bishamonten 毘沙門天

Temple Negoro-Ji Kannon Statue carved by Chisho

Red Fudo at Myo-O-In, Mt. Koya Painted by Chisho

Yellow Fudo / Painting by Chisho

Career Fudo, Shusse Fudo 出世不動 At Fukagawa, Tokyo

Enchin and the "Clear Water Temple" Kiyomizudera, Kyoto

Temple Mii-Dera 三井寺


. Fudō Myō-ō, Fudoo Myoo-Oo 不動明王 Fudo Myo-O
Acala Vidyârâja - Vidyaraja - Fudo Myoo .




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Konjiki Golden Fudo 金色不動明王

Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

founder of
達谷西光寺 - 姫待不動尊 Himemachi Fuko
Seikooji 達谷西光寺 Takkoku Seijo-Ji

Himemachi Fudo 姫待不動尊

Hiraizumi Iwate

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Shoogo-In 聖護院門跡 
Shogo-In Monzeki - Imperial temple

15 Shogoin Nakamachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto

Founded by Enchin

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Founder of
玉嶹山 ・王寿山 總願寺 Sogan-Ji 不動院 Fudo-In 不動ヶ岡不動尊 Fudo-ga-oka Fudo Son


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Mii Temple 三井寺  Miidera, Mii-dera
園城寺 Onjo-ji Temple

Fudo Myo-O statue
Chisho decided during his 22 year long religious training at Mount Hiei (Kagoyama Shugyo), to devote his life to Fudo Myoo (the “Unmovable King of Wisdom”, Buddhist deity). Still today, an image of Fudo Myoo (national treasure, normally withheld from the public) is enshrined in the Mii-dera temple.

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Gofunai 御府内八十八ヶ所霊場 88 Henro Temples in Edo .
Nr. 11 - Shoogonji 荘厳寺 Shogon-Ji

幡ヶ谷不動尊 Hatagaya Fudo Son

Gabi Greve said...

慈雲山 Jiunzan 蓮華院 Renge-In 観音寺 Kannon-Ji
新宿区西早稲田1-7-1 / 1 Chome-7-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku ward

The main statue is 十一面観音 Kannon with 11 Heads, carved by 智證大師 Chisho Daishi.

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Kyootai Osho 教待和尚 Kyotai Osho, Priest Kyotai

He is Nr. 14 of
. 日本の仙人37人 - The 37 Immortals of Japan .

教待堂 Kyotai Do Hall
at temple Miidera, Shiga, Otsu.

He was an old priest taking care of Miidera until priest 智証大師 Chisho Daishi came to the temple.
In the Kyotaido Hall in honor of Kyotai there is a statue of the priest.

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Founder of the temple
清林山 - 佛乗院 - 金蔵寺 Konzo-Ji

in Yokohama.
日吉不動 Hiyoshi Fudo

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Founder of
渋谷山 Shibuyazan 親王院 Shinno-In 東福寺 Tofuku-Ji
Tokyo 渋谷区渋谷3-5-8 / Shibuya ward, Shibuya city
This temple is Nr. 08 of the
. 東京三十三観音霊場 Pilgrimage to 33 Kannon Temples of Tokyo